Hi, I’m Ben – welcome to Audiohype. 

Following a decade spent in the marketing industry, I became increasingly involved in the music space, and I noticed how many different aspects of the industry engaged me, and enticed me to diver further into them. 

On this site you’ll find content on a wide range of interesting industry topics such as music marketing and promotion, the development of the Web3 Music scene, new emerging music technologies, music culture, and pretty much anything that I think will be of interest. 

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Why Audiohype Exists.

Audiohype exists as a place to share insights into the fast moving world of the music industry. 

After experience working with artists to help them build audiences, and watching how new technology transforms the industry, I decided it would be useful to have a place to share what I’m learning, as well as a platform that allows me to actively engage with the industry and use as a base to start any projects from.

It’s such an exciting time for anyone involved in music. We’re seeing massive shifts if the balance of power, the tools of the creator economy are empowering artists like never before, social media, gaming and the metaverse is redefining how music is consumed, web3 is redefining how communities are built, and the whole industry is busy trying to figure out where it’s all headed. 

There are so many people in this industry creating exciting content, and I’ve learnt so much from them over the years. It’s amazing how some of the most valuable content often comes from individuals, or small groups of people who are incredibly passionate about what they are creating. 

My hope is that I can create something that provides value in the same way. 



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