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We work with artists, labels, software providers, promoters & other music industry businesses.

Audiohype provides bespoke digital marketing services to the music industry.

We work with artists, labels, software companies, web3 music ventures – pretty much any music industry related businesses.

"Not Another Services page!"

If you’re looking for a marketing agency, you’ve probably seen quite a few services pages, all with a similar generic feel to them, so we thought we’d do something a little different with this one.

Rather than just write a description of our services, we’ve shown how we apply them to our own marketing, to show how we practice what we preach. 

Hopefully it’s more engaging and gives you a better understanding of how we approach things – but if you want to skip this part and get straight in touch, then click below.

Determining Your Strategy

A well implemented digital marketing strategy can help you understand your audience, determine the best way to connect with them, and convert them into customers or fans.

Every marketing strategy will be different – for example a label may want to focus on advertising and pitching to playlists, whereas a service provider may be more interested in ranking for important keywords.

The Audiohype Marketing Approach

To explain the different service areas in a more engaging way, we’ve used our own marketing approach to demonstrate how all these areas work together.

Read on to learn more…

(We’ve also put together a few different strategy examples lower down the page for those of you looking for something more specific – e.g. labels, festivals, software etc)

Market Research

market research

Most marketing strategies will start with market research and competitor analysis to give you a clearer view of the best strategy. 

By using tools to research your target customers, you can better understand how best to reach them – whether you’re an artist trying to better understand your fans, or an online retailer trying to assess the competition.

In our case, we came up with a list of music industry businesses we want to work with, examples such as:

  • Artists & Labels often search for music blogs, and Spotify playlists to promote to.
  • Music Tools / Software Businesses would want to be listed on articles about music promotion tools.
  • Web3 start ups are searching for Web3 music / Music NFT related terms.

This helped us determine some of the key search results we needed to be found on. Searches such as:

  • Music blogs
  • Best spotify playlists
  • Music promotion tools
  • Web3 music influencers
  • and many more which we plan to write about…

These are the places we needed to be visible. 

Depending on where you are in the world, we generally appear in position 1,2 or 3 in the organic search results, outranking major publications such as Complex, Pitchfork, GQ, Ditto, Hypebot, and Rolling Stone.

music blog google search
best spotify playlists screenshot

This was all achieved by following the strategy detailed below, and it’s exactly the sort of thing we can help you with.

Content Strategy

Using this initial research we to put together a content strategy –  creating high quality content that matches the searchers intent, and is exactly the sort of thing that Google wants to show in the results.

Each of our articles are well researched, and decorated with custom images to improve the overall user experience. 

This isn’t a case of putting a quick blog post together and hoping it ranks. It involves creating content that is 10x better than other pieces out there – in terms of quality, structure, design and readability.

High quality content will help you stand apart from the competition.

blog examples 2

We have the ability to create the high quality content you need to grab your audience's attention.

Search Engine Optimisation


Search engine optimisation is essential if you want to appear high in the search results. 

There’s really two main stages involved in SEO – optimising your website to make it search engine friendly, and promoting your website to get more links and mentions across the web (sometimes called digital PR).

SEO steps

After optimising our site and creating well structured content, we focused on the second stage – reaching out to connections in the industry. 

By sharing our content with the world we encourage the natural signals that Google looks for.

Links and mentions in industry publications helped to promote our content out there and ensured we are displayed high up in the search engines.

If you have a website that is lacking visibility on important search terms, we can help you optimise it to ensure you get in front of your target audience. 

Outreach & Influencers

Most marketing strategies will require some level of outreach in the mix.

Labels and artists will be using outreach to pitch to playlist editors, blogs and influencers in order to get their music shared.  

Service businesses will want to reach out to relevant publications and influencers to try and get coverage, traffic and links. 

Our own outreach is mainly focused on sending our content to industry contacts, as well as reaching out to publications that we have discovered from industry research in order to strike up relationships. 

We can help you build a list of influencers and industry contacts that can spread your message. 

Paid Advertising

Paid Ads have played a smaller role in our marketing strategy so far – but are actually quite a major part of the strategy for a lot of the people we work with.

For artists and labels, paid advertising is a key way of promoting new music and directing fans to your tracks on the DSPs. For software providers, Ads can deliver a steady stream of new leads with a measurable ROI.

We have in depth experience with Google Ads and Facebook Ads, so can help you build campaigns based around your requirements.

Email Marketing

The email addresses of your customers / fans are one of the most valuable bits of contact information you can have.

Email marketing has a high ROI, and is a direct line of communication with your audience.

In order to capture potential customers’ emails we’ve implemented signup forms at key points on the site, such as the example below:

sign up form

New customers are then sent a welcome email automatically and are signed up to receive the newsletter.

We can help you integrate email marketing into your strategy, show you how to build a list, and use automation to engage with your customers. 

Reporting & Analytics

reporting & analytics

There are plenty of different ways of measuring the results of your digital marketing campaigns, and KPIs will vary from client to client.

A Label or Artist might be more focused on streams and playlists measured via tools such as Viberate or Chartmetrics, whereas Software Providers may be more interested in rankings, traffic and sign ups measured via Google Analytics.


For Audiohype, our focus is on search engine visibility (measured via rank tracking), traffic, email signups and contact form submissions – which are all measured via reporting set up in Google Analytics.

Whatever your objectives are, we can help you put together reports that give you insight into your marketing performance and help you make informed strategic decisions going forward.

We're Just Getting Started


So far our approach has helped drive tens of thousands of visitors each month, and helped build a mailing list of thousands of people, but it’s still early days and we’re just getting started rolling out our strategy.

Hopefully this has given you a bit more insight into how we work, and had piqued your interest enough to book in an initial call with us. 

If you’re a music industry business, or an artist / label looking to implement a digital marketing strategy make sure you get in touch. We’d love to talk through putting together a bespoke strategy for you.


case studies

You’ve seen examples how we apply each area to our marketing strategy, but maybe you’re still struggling to see how you would apply this to your specific situation. 

Below we’ve outlined a variety of scenarios and given examples of how you might want to approach your digital marketing.

For artists and labels, the marketing strategy is often a combination of research, paid advertising, outreach and email.

By properly understanding your target audience you can optimise for the Spotify Algorithm, and create targeted adverts which expose new fans to your music.

Outreach can help you connect with bloggers, playlisters and influencers in your genre, and email marketing can help you build a direct line of contact with your fans.

For software businesses and service providers, the focus is often on increasing visibility on key terms related to the business.

This involves keyword research and competitor analysis, a well mapped out content strategy, as well as outreach to promote this content on relevant publications.

For venues, promoters and festivals, there’s a lot of emphasis on brand awareness and email marketing.

Paid advertising can help build interest in specific events, and building your email list can ensure you maintain ongoing contact, being able to update your audience of upcoming events.

Get In Touch

If you’re looking to implement a marketing strategy, or even just check you’re on the right tracks, we’re here to help. Send us a message and we can book in an initial consultation.