The Best Music Blogs in 2024

Music fans have never had so much choice when it comes to keeping up with the latest music news and releases. But, as always with so much choice, it’s difficult to know which sites are worth reading, and which aren’t.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best music blogs, online music magazines and music discovery sites.

Whether you’re into Indie Rock, Pop, EDM, or Hip Hop you can find your new favourite music blog here.

We’ve selected a variety of blogs, from industry leaders to smaller more niche publications, and we’ve done our best to group them by genre to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

General Music Blogs

Rolling Stone

rolling stone

A name that will be familiar to any music fan, Rolling Stone has been going since 1967, and has strayed away from its rock roots, now reporting on all popular genres as well as TV, movies and culture.


Pitchfork is one of the biggest music magazines in the world, this Condé Nast owned publication has a blog that is a trusted source of music reviews as well as features on current artists and events.

Consequence of Sound

consequence of sound

Consequence of Sound is one of the best music blogs to hear about the latest music news and rumours for festivals worldwide, they also have news editorials and reviews of music, film and TV. Strangely enough they even have a news category dedicated to musical instrument news.

All Music

all music

All Music is not only a great place to get music information and recommendations, but their blog has interviews with some of the greatest musicians of all time.



Stereofox has a focus on sharing interesting, diverse and new music. Their blog is filled with daily content including interviews, album reviews, as well as editorial features on the latest new acts.

Neon Music

neon music blog

Neon Music is an online music publication with a lifestyle section; their reviews highlight up and coming talented artists. As well as this they write about music news, reviews, and have the occasional video and interview.

The Playground

the playground music blog

The Playground is a UK based music blog which covers most genres including indie, edm, house, ambient and singer songwriter. The blog also writes about some of the latest developments in the music industry as a whole.



Billboard needs no introduction, and this might be stretching the definition of blog for the purposes of this article. However, if you want to keep up with the latest news and gossip for the hottest artists and labels this is the place to look.


Earmilk is an online music magazine with contributors from across the globe. It publishes content on a variety of music genres and they have a mission statement that focuses on the discovery of underground talent.

This Song Is Sick

this song is sick

This Song Is Sick has been sharing fresh new music since 2010. Here you’ll find a mix of genres, and new music from both established artists and up and coming acts. If you want to be featured on This Song Is Sick there is a submission process to send your song for consideration.


flux blog

Fluxblog describes itself as the first MP3 blog. The posts are a decent mix of Spotify playlists the owner (Matthew Perpetua) has put together, as well as short reviews of new music. There are links to each track mentioned so you can listen while reading Matthew’s thoughts.

Hype Machine

Hype Machine isn’t technically a blog, but more of a blog aggregator. There’s a never ending amount of music being added to the site and if your main goal is to discover new music then you’ll be sure to have plenty to look through here.



Spin is an online magazine that features news and articles on a range of artists from the smallest up and coming acts you’ve never heard of, to the greatest bands of all time. Their lists section features lists of the best songs, albums, concerts etc. for you to browse.

Pigeons & Planes

complex blog

Pigeons & Planes (now brought to you by Complex) is your place to go for new music across all genres. They post features, articles and videos daily, so you’ll always have something to keep up with.

Pop Music Blogs

Pop Matters

Pop Matters is all about pop culture. The essays on the site are on topics ranging from books to sports, to theater, to travel. The site has a huge music section which is the destination for music interviews, reviews and essays.



The FADER covers not just music, but style and culture as well. This isn’t the sort of publication where you’ll discover new artists before your friends hear of them. However, this is still a great place for keeping up to date with mainstream music news.


Popjustice is a fun blog dedicated to all things pop. They feature news, interviews, new music Fridays, and most importantly a calendar that will tell you how long it’s been since Rihanna last released an album.

Indie / Rock Blogs


nme blog logo

One of the earliest, biggest and still one of the best. While they may have branched out a bit now into reviews on film, TV, and gaming, the core of NME is still providing news, opinion pieces, reviews, and interviews to keep you up on the latest indie music.


Stereogum is the self-styled world’s best indie music blog. However, the blog does have some credentials. It was the first major publication to write about Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, and Billie Eilish. Check out the Band to Watch section of the site to see more future indie rock superstars.

Indie Shuffle

indie shuffle

Indie Shuffle is not like a lot of indie music blogs, it doesn’t do articles, interviews or other things like that. The blog is more like a song discovery site for independent musicians. There’s a constant stream of new releases curated by the team at Indie Shuffle, with a short commentary on each. You can save any of the tracks you like, and follow independent artists if you want to hear their new releases.

Under the Radar

under the radar

Under the Radar covers all sorts of news and interviews on topics ranging from cinema to comic books. However, their music sections are focussed on the best new indie music from established artists to rising newcomers.

Digital Tour Bus


Digital Tour Bus features interviews with a difference. Here you can find categories such as bus invaders where you are taken around an artist’s bus while they’re on tour, or tour pranks where you get to hear the pranks that bands get up to while on the road.


The blog of the music mag GoldFlakePaint, the magazine that steers well clear of mainstream artists. Here you can find in-depth interviews with artists, and daily posts of new music.

Dance / Electronic / EDM Blogs



A heavyweight when it comes to dance music and clubbing news. Mixmag offers new music reviews, live DJ sets and industry news are just some of the areas covered on the blog.

Resident Advisor

resident adviser

Resident Advisor is an online magazine for electronic music lovers. This is the perfect site for you to discover your next favourite dance artist or event. The site has new news, reviews and features published every weekday.

UFO Network

UFO Network is a music entertainment company and news & media outlet that specialise in covering the latest and hottest EDM news, interviews and trends. Ranked ‘Top 50 EDM Blog’ three years in a row, UFO Network is definitely your go-to source for all things electronic dance music.

Dancing Astronaut

dancing astronaut

Dancing Astronaut focuses primarily on dance music. The blog reports on concerts and festivals and keeps you up to date with the latest news and reviews of dance music. This blog has been nominated for the Best Music Media Resource at the International Dance Music Awards every single year since 2014.

Your EDM

your edm

As you might have guessed Your EDM is an Electronic Dance Music focused blog with editorials, giveaways and interviews. The site even has a discord community where you can chat to others about EDM, get feedback on your own tracks, or, in the right channel, do a bit of self promo.


Unsurprisingly is another site that takes on everything to do with Electronic Dance Music, from news, features, interviews, trending charts, and more. also puts together playlists for whatever mood you happen to be in.

EDM Sauce

edm sauce

EDM Sauce covers the electronic music scene, featuring reviews of both well known artists and well as some of the more underground ones. There’s also a few interesting editorial pieces and they accept paid song submissions / reviews.

Hip Hop / Rap / Trap / R&B Music Blogs


rap up

Founded as a magazine in 2001 Rap-Up is your go-to place for rap and hip hop news and gossip. Rap-Up also has video interviews with artists and a popular Rap-upTV YouTube channel.

Run the Trap

run the trap

Run the Trap was founded to bring underground trap music to the forefront. Since their beginnings they’ve also started offering their unique perspective on other genres like house, future bass and dubstep.

This is RnB

this is rnb

A great online platform that covers all things R&B. This is RnB features a variety of news, music, videos and a selection of artist interviews with R&B artists worldwide.

Rap Radar

rap radar

Rap Radar posts new rap music and music videos multiple times per day. They also run a podcast featuring interviews with big names in the world of rap and hip hop.

Hip-Hop Wired

hip hop wired

Hip-Hop Wired is one of the best music blogs to keep up to date with the latest on everything hip hop. With features on hip hop culture, entertainment news, music reviews, black politics and features on urban lifestyle.



Elevator covers rap and hip hop – with features, music reviews and interviews with some of the most talked about artists. It also posts some general music industry observations and accepts song submissions.

Metal Blogs

Metal Injection

metal injection

You may have guessed from the name Metal Injection that this blog focuses on the metal genre. This is the place to go for news videos and reviews of everything metal. Here you can find tour dates for your favorite artists, artist interviews, as well as funny stories and lists.

Metal Sucks

metal sucks

Metal Sucks is another heavy metal themed news site, slightly smaller than Metal Injection. The site has album reviews, interviews, a podcast, and contests.

Music Industry Blogs

Music Business Worldwide

music business worldwide

A great site for those of you who are more interested in the industry side of the music business. Founded in 2015 Music Business Worldwide is one of the leading music industry news sources providing information, insight, and international music news.



This is another site aimed more at the contemporary music industry. It’s published by the music discovery and marketing platform Bandsintown. Hypebot focusses on music tech and business, writing articles that show how music discovery and consumption habits are changing.

Playlist Push

playlist push logo

Playlist Push is a site designed to help artists get their tracks on playlists. Because of this their blog is aimed more towards musicians than music fans. Their blog has articles about how to market your music, as well as interviews with different music creators and labels.

ReverbNation Blog

reverb nation blog

ReverbNation is one of the biggest names in the independent music business, we’ve spoken about them before in our article on the best tools and software for music promotion. Their blog is focussed on improving you as an artist, from tips on songwriting to copyright law.

Music 3.0 Music Industry Blog

Music 3.0 is run by Bobby Owsinski and features all the latest music industry news and changes, as well as hosting a range of articles offering music business advice.

The Unsigned Guide

The Unsigned Guide offers a combination of new music reviews along with music industry advice. A great blog to follow for anyone who’s looking to develop their career as an artist.. They also run a directory of over 8,500 music industry contacts with access available for a small fee.


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That’s it for our list of the best music blogs in 2022. We’ll keep adding to this list to keep it up to date, so let us know if there’s any blogs we’ve missed here.

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