Recommended Services

Below are some useful resources for anyone looking to promote their music and build a fanbase. The tools can help you develop your brand, get your music in front of new people and help you to build a fanbase. 

Just to let you know, when we link out to a product or service we may get some commission if you sign up, or make a purchase.

We only link out to the services below because we believe they can make your life easier. It won’t cost you anything, in fact in some cases you’ll actually get better value through the deals we negotiate.

Take a look at each service in more detail below:


LinkfireLinkfire logo is the music industry’s leading smart link platform. Their smart links and landing pages route millions of fans across the globe to the content they love, in the apps they love.


Canva allows even the least design oriented person to create professional looking images and videos. There are almost endless ways this can be useful to an artist, from creating ads to use for your promotions, to graphics on your merch or artwork for your latest track. 

Spotify Growth Engine

Spotify Growth Engine is one of our favourite courses when it comes to learning to use paid ads to grow your fanbase. 

We’ve personally used the course to help us create targeted campaigns that drive fans directly to spotify. 

Click here to visit the course page.


Toneden offers a range of music promotion features. Through their platform you can set up and run ad campaigns, create personalised marketing messages on Facebook, or use their smart landing pages similar to the link sharing options above.

The Groover platform connects musicians with curators. You can use Groover to send your track to various influencers and curators within your niche and get feedback, and the chance to be shared by them. 

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Drop Track

DropTrack allows you to send professional looking promos to your curated email list of music industry contacts, or share them via social media.

If you click here to sign up and use the offer code WELCOME you can receive a 20% discount coupon. 


Hypeddit provides you with a variety of tools to help you promote your music and get your music in front of fans. 


Songstats provides you with real time analytics on your songs, so you know how they’re performing on different platforms. They will tell you when your track gets added to a new playlist or starts charting in a new region. 

They have plans for everyone ranging from smaller artists to labels.

If you sign up using this link, or by applying the code AUDIOHYPE during checkout you can receive 10% off the price of your subscription.